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In the project, I am developing a web2.0 site that will help single mothers in the city of Lagos (in Nigeria) share ideas on how to raise children, as single mothers, within the context of the socio-economic straits of the country and the cultural challenges of single motherhood. This site targets a very specific audience – single mothers in a particular city. Users join this network and get connected to other single mothers in the city who are happy to share their experiences with those who are on the same journey. By joining this community, users share and receive support. The site grows by having users create contents and curate contents which others have created. This crucial feature of user-generated content will propel the design and functionality of the website project.

This project will utilize databases to present data and to process user input. Database entities will include the following:
*Members (to hold registration data of members)
*Forum (to hold comments by members on specific issues)
*Jobs (to hold details of jobs which members post)
*Events (to hold details of events which members post)
*Photo (to hold URL and other details of photos which members shall upload to the server. The photos will be held on the server, not on the database)

What Users/Members of the Site will be able to do
Once registered and logged onto the site, members will be able to do the following:

Post a profile / tell their stories
View the profiles and details of other members
Find other single mothers leaving near them in the same city
Share ideas on how to cope with work and single parenting
Find support on how to deal with the cultural issues about single mothers
Share ideas on how to cope with the challenges of single parenting
Start a discussion
Post photos (mothers, children)
Post Events and check for events that are supportive of single mothers in the city
Post questions / seek help on any matter of single parenting
Find employers in their areas who provide support to single mothers
Share with others self-employment opportunities for single mothers
Connect to RSS feed

Website Menu Items
The site will be deployed using master and content pages. Some of the menu items of the site will include the following:
*Join Us
*Share Photos
*Log In
*Post Events
*RSS Feed

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